Life Testing Machine for Cabinet Doors of Refrigerators and Other Similar Products SH9827

Item No.: p9
Designed according to requirement of GB 16915.1-2014 self-ballasted test. Use to stimulate LED and similar lamp with live operation, to supply load to various home appliance accessory.

Universal Refrigerator Door Life Material Testing equipment       
     Designed according to GB 16915.1-2014 self-ballast test requirements. Used to stimulate LEDs and similar lights through live operation to provide loads for various household appliance accessories.

Technical parameter´╝Ü
1. Power supply: AC 220V 50Hz;
2. Driving mode: pneumatic
3. Test speed: 20 ~ 25 times / min can be set
4. Opening degree: 45 °
5. Count: 1 ~ 999999 (can be set)
6. Test position: 1
7.Adjustable door height
(1) Opening degree: within 70N
(2) Maximum sample size: height 1400 ~ 1850mm, width 550 ~ 750mm,
           Thickness: 610mm
8.PLC + touch screen monitoring
9.One-way opening