Intelligent self-ballasted power supply load control cabinet SH6331

Item No.: p8
Power supply tester is designed according to the relevant standard requirements of IEC60884 and IEC60669
   Power supply tester is designed according to the relevant standard requirements of IEC60884 and IEC60669,UL1054 and relevant IEC standards on the electrical annex breaking capacity and match equipment design in the normal operation..
   Matching to the use with the mechanical movements test equipment(such as SH9401 plugs and sockets life tester),for on and off capacity test, breaking capacity test, bend test and the normal operation test and so on.
   Using intelligent controller, easy to operate. Have 30 fix mode for user to set, preset current, power and power factor with inner resistance and inductance matrix by just one click. And 10 other customize mode for user to set their required test parameter.
   Intelligent automatic fitting function: input the standard required test parameter, calculate the V,L,R value by intelligent computing; programmed the hardware of corresponding parameter to preset(no output at preset).Programmed output to the external connection terminal to the sample after regulate the parameter to the require value. Using resistance matrix and inductance matrix to replace manual regulation, varieties of test mode and experienced intelligent digital control system, simplify the operation, and reduce error possibilities and training cost.

Technical parameters:
1. Ordinary load: Test voltage can continuously adjustable from AC220V/50Hz/2A
2. Control input power: AC220V/50Hz/5A
3. Load type: on/off test for LED lights or similar loads
Voltage range: 100 ~ 250V continuous automatic adjustment
5. Rated current range: 0.1 ~ 2A continuous adjustable
6.The line voltage and line current corresponding to the peak current and waveform integral area are shown in the table below:
Current peak: 108、142、170192
Current peak integral value:2.8、5.59、13
7. Control System:PLC
Equipped with power off protection function for the setting data
Voltage, current peak, waveform area deviation ±5%
10. Display and control:7-inch touch screen display interface + PLC
1. Current deviation: 5%; Cosφaccuracy:±0.02;