Intelligent Self-ballasted Power Load Control Cabinet SH6331

Item No.: p8
Sunho Intelligent Self-ballasted Lamp Power Load Control Cabinet is designed and manufactured according to IEC60669-1 and IEC60884.
  Intelligent Self-ballasted Lamp Power Load Control Cabinet
  This cabinet simulates the working condition of self ballasted lamp(LED, CFL, etc.) by outputting rated current, surge current and test load with power factor(PFC) below 0.85. It adopts a PLC-controlled 7 inches touch screen for display, adjustment and calibration. Through the 7 inches touch screen, nearly 30 working mode in which the parameters were preset is available for user to select. Also, the custom working mode is available so that the parameters could be adjusted and saved specifically according to user's need.

Technical Parameters:
1. Load input power supply: Above AC220V/50Hz/2A
2. Control input power supply: AC220V/50Hz/5A
3. Load type: Self-ballasted Lamp(LED or CFL etc.)
4. Voltage range: 100V~250V quasi-continuous automatic adjusted(the load input power should be AC220V~240V when loaded)
5. Rated current range: 0.1~2A(quasi-continuous adjusted)
6. The correspondence between peak current and its waveform area.
Peak current(A) 108 142 192 223
Waveform area 2.8 5.5 13 20
7. Control system: PLC
8. Display: 7 inches touch screen
9. Power off data storage function
10. Error of voltage/peak current/waveform area: ±5%. Error of cosφ: ±0.02