Standard Test Stick SH9110

Standard Test Stick

The Standard Test Stick is applicable to testing the electrical appliances' resistibility to foreign matters.

Technical Parameter:
Test Stick A SH9110A IEC61032,IEC60065,GB9706,GB4943
Φ4×100 rounded angle

Test Stick B SH9110B GB4943
Ф25×80 rounded angle

Test Stick C SH9110C Ф6×80×90° closed angle
Test Stick D SH9110D UL507
Ф1 inch×Ф1-1/4 inch×4 inches, rouded angle, R=1/2 inch(12.7mm)

Test Stick E SH9110E UL1278,UL982
φ1/2 inch(12.7mm)×3/4 inch(19.1mm)×9/16 inch(14.3mm)×4 inches(101.6mm)
rounded angle R=3/16 inch(4.8mm)

Test Stick F SH9110F UL982
Φ1/4 inch×4 inches×1/8 inch×90° closed angle
Test Stick G SH9110G UL507
Ф1 inch(25.4mm)×1/2 inch(12.7mm)×
1/8 inch(R=3.175mm)×3-1/2 inches(88.9mm)× 1 inch(25.4mm) rouded angle

Test Stick H SH9110H UL1278,UL982
Ф1/2 inch×3/4 inch×4 inches, closed angle R=1/4 inch

Test Stick J SH9110J IEC61032.41
Test Stick K SH9110K UL982
Ф1/4 inch×1/4 inch. Closed angle

Test Stick L SH9110L GB2099.1.24.11-12.
Test Stick M SH9110M GB4706.22