Electronic Sudden Jumptemperature Limit Protector Durability Materials Test SH9257A

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According to the GB14536.3 standard, the analog thermal protector is continuously disconnected and closed under the test voltage and current.

Electronic Sudden Jumptemperature Limit Protector Durability Materials         
         According to the GB14536.3 standard, the analog thermal protector is continuously  disconnected and closed under the test voltage and current. The durability of the product will be verified and applied to the testing organization and the manufacturing enterprise.
1) Technical characteristics:
1. Working power supply: AC 220v / 50Hz
2. Test temperature range: room temperature + 10 ° C ~ 400 ° C adjustable (by adjusting the power of the hot air blower)
3. Temperature resolution: 0.1 ° C
4. Heating method: hot air (temperature stability ± 5 ° C during the test).
5. Electric heating wire: Nickel-chromium wire, each set provides 3 sets of heating wire components.
6. Hot vent size: about ¢5, ¢8, ¢20
7. Hot air source movement mode: pneumatic
8. Gas source: 6~8kg / cm2 (with silent air pump); about 750W
9. Cooling method: compressed air (same as silent air pump), universal joint duckbill jet.
10. Test station: 3 stations, each station can be independently tested and counted, and the temperature of each station is independently controlled.
11. Test the normally open or normally closed test;
12. Number of tests: 1~99999 times, when the number of experiments reaches the set value, the test stops automatically and prompts the alarm;
13. According to the actual operating cycle of the sample, the system can detect the actual on/off, heating or cooling of the sample according to the switch independent feedback control system. The test rate is up to 6 times/min (Note: according to the test temperature and the characteristics of the sample, the temperature Must be higher than the rated temperature of the sample to ensure the test speed)
14. Diagnosis: AC current transformer, intelligent current to determine the number of abnormalities when the sample is normally open or normally open. The system gives an instruction to disconnect the current load to protect the current supply system. The judgment threshold is about 1a.
15. Sampling timeout alarm time: can be set from 1~999s; (Note: heating and cooling alarm time can be set separately)
16. When the sample exceeds the action time, an alarm is issued and the station stops testing.
17. Use PLC (programmer) + touch screen; each station displays test voltage, current, power, temperature, time, number of tests and other parameters.
18. Sample holder: One set for each of the more traditional KSD, KST-type thermostats and liquid expansion thermostat fixtures. The fixture has certain versatility, and if the shape of the same type of thermostat can be adjusted within a certain range, the difference is not large.
19. The sample was fixed throughout the test and the device had 4Flat support casters.
20. Exclude the test load, with interface;
21. Alarm function: over temperature, abnormal sample, leakage, short circuit, over current
22. Protection function: accidental door opening protection.
23. Equipment size (width * depth * height): 800 * 500 * 1600mm

2) Structure plan:
1. The whole machine adopts high-grade industrial grade aluminum alloy frame. The four corners of the equipment are curved; the equipment is the upper, middle and lower three-layer mechanism, the upper part is the test area, the middle part is the control area, and the bottom is the air source.
2. Height: about 1400mm from the ground, with transparent glass door (with protection function, the door is open during the test, the equipment automatically cuts off the heating). The center of the control area is approximately 1100 mm from the ground. easy to use.
2, temperature control + acquisition module uses plc programmable intelligent controller, all test data can be set and displayed in touch, record and so on. Chinese operation interface.
3. The heat source is kept warm during the test. When the set temperature is reached, the cylinder moves the hot air vent to the center of the sample. After the sample has moved, remove the heat source. The installation sample can be adjusted left and right, the front and rear adjustments are aligned with the hot air vent, and the hot vent can adjust the distance between the sample and the sample.
4. Safety protection function: The equipment has over-temperature protection and leakage protection function, and an emergency stop switch is installed. If an unexpected condition occurs during the test, press the emergency switch to stop.
3) Basic process:
1. Adjust the temperature of the blower to the test value - install the test sample - set the test number and alarm value, select the sample normally open and normally closed point - connect the test sample to the electrical load - start the test - start the test article jump - the blower stops working and Blowing cold air - after sample reset - the blower works, stops cooling - counts once - this cycle, after the number of trials, the work stops working.
2. Sample installation method
3. Liquid expansion type: insert air duct
4. Patch type: the surface is close to the air passage