Coating Scratch Resistance Testing Machine SH9258

Item No.: SH9258B
Designed according to the requirement of IEC 60950-1、IEC60335, and test the scratch resistance of home appliance’s coating.

Coating Scratch Resistance Testing Machine SH9258

Designed according to the requirements of IEC 60950-1、IEC60335,, and test the scratch  resistance of coatings for household appliances.

Technical Parameters

1. Power supply: AC220V, 50Hz (230V / 60Hz)

2. Scraper needle: hard steel needle, tapered end, angle is 40 °, edge radius is 0.25mm ± 0.02mm (replaceable)

3. Scratch angle: The stylus moves perpendicular to the test surface, and the included angle between each scratch is 80 ~ 85 °

4. Axle force of steel nail: 10N ± 0.5N.

5. Application length: up to 200mm (can be set)

6, moving distance: up to 200mm (settable).

7, temporary interval: 1 ~ 19 mm (set).

8. Temporary speed: 20 mm / s ± 5 mm / s.