Tracking Tester SH5241A

Item No.: p17
It is designed according to the relevant standard of UL746A and IEC60950.
                Tracking Tester

 It is designed according to the relevant standard of UL746A and IEC60950.

Artificial Intelligent function:

1、Using peristaltic pumpto control drop drip speed and volume.

2、Artificial Intelligent system to achieve voltage and current self regulation, reduce operation time of your technicians.

Technical parameters:

1、Tracking tester using the platinum electrode, high temperature corrosion resistancestable and reliable control system. Rectangle electrode, size:(5±0.1)㎜×(2±0.1)㎜×(≥12)㎜, angle of the end: (30±2)°, angle between the electrode: 60°±5°,distance (4±0.1㎜)。

2、Using the rectangle Platinum electrode the force of the two electrodes imposed on the test sample is 1.0N±0.05N.

3、Adjust of the Electrode distance is Convenient and stable

4、Voltage can be adjusted from 100v to 600v (48~60Hz),when the short-circuit current is at 1.0 ± 0.1A, the falling of the voltage should not exceed 10%, at the test loop, when the Short-circuit leakage current equal to or greater than 0.5A, the time last two seconds, cut off the current, it instructs that the test sample is unqualified .

5、Precision peristaltic pump to control the drop drip.Precision control the volume of fluid drops size range of 45-55/cm3 and time interval of the drip fluid is 30 ± 5seconds.Control mode: Touch screen +PLC

6、Electrode material is Platinum

7、Electrode pressure is 1.00N±0.01N

8、Tracking judgment:0.50A ±10% , 2.00s±10%

9、With 0.5m³ fume hood and the IR remote control

10、Matching with Bottle of chlorinated Ann