Artificial intelligence electric trace index test machine SH5241A

Item No.: p17
It is designed according to the relevant standard of UL746A and IEC60950.
                 Artificial intelligence electric trace index test machine 

 It is designed according to the relevant standard of UL746A and IEC60950.

Artificial Intelligent function:
1、Using peristaltic pumpto control drop drip speed and volume.
2、Artificial Intelligent system to achieve voltage and current self regulation, reduce operation time of your technicians.

Technical parameters:
3.Tracking tester using the platinum electrode, high temperature corrosion resistance; and the counting of the is accurate , the control system is stable and reliable. Rectangle electrode, size:(5±0.1)㎜×(2±0.1)㎜×(≥12)㎜, angle of the end: (30±2)°, angle between the electrode: 60°±5°,distance (4±0.1㎜)。
4.Using the rectangle Platinum electrode the force of the two electrodes imposed on the test sample is 1.0N±0.05N. 
5.The adjust of the Electrode distance is Convenient and stable
6.The imposing voltage can be adjusted from 100v to 600v (48~60Hz),when the short-circuit current is at 1.0 ± 0.1A, the falling of the voltage should not exceed 10%, at the test loop, when the Short-circuit leakage current equal to or greater than 0.5A, the time last two seconds, cut off   the current, it instructs that the test sample is unqualified .
7.Precision peristaltic pump to control the drop drip.Precision control the volume of fluid drops size range of 45-55/cm3 and time interval of the drip fluid is 30 ± 5seconds.Control mode: Touch screen +PLC
8.Electrode material is Platinum
9.Electrode pressure is 1.00N±0.01N
10.Tracking judgment:0.50A ±10% , 2.00s±10%
11.With 0.5m3 fume hood and the IR remote control
12.Matching with Bottle of chlorinated Ann