Artificial Intelligence Electrical Load Cabinet SH6341

Item No.: p7
1.Load input power:AC220V/50Hz/30A above;cable diameter above 6mm2,low linear, and voltage fluctuation less than ±5%.
2.Control input power:AC220V/50Hz/5A;

China manufactured UL1054 accessory power load counter testing machine 
       RH19401 plug and socket life tester), used for opening and closing capacity test, breaking capacity test, bending test and normal operation test. With intelligent controller, operation is possible. There are 30 fixed modes for users to click, and 10 other custom modes for users to set the required test parameters.
       Intelligent automatic fitting function: Enter the test parameters required by the standard, and calculate the V, L, and R values ​​through intelligent calculation; program the hardware of the corresponding parameters to presets (not output when the timetable). After adjusting the parameters to the desired value, output the program to the external connection terminals of the sample. Using resistance matrix and inductance matrix instead of manual adjustment, multiple test modes and experienced intelligent digital control system simplify operation and reduce the possibility of errors and training costs.
Technical Parameters:
1. Load input power: AC220V / 50Hz / 30A or more; cable diameter of 6mm2 or more, low linearity, voltage fluctuation less than ± 5%.
2. Control input power: AC220V / 50Hz / 5A;
3. Load type: LED light or similar load breaking test;
4. Voltage range: 100 ~ 250V continuously adjustable (please ensure that the load input power should be
AC220V ~ 240V); manual adjustment
5.Rated current range: 0 ~ 20A, can be set;
6. Current peak: 108, 142, 170, 192 (with oscilloscope and software)
7. Current penetration integrated value: 2.8, 5.5, 9, 13 (with oscilloscope and software)
8. Load output: 1 way
9. Control system: PLC
10. Display: touch screen
11. With power-off data protection function;
12. Accuracy: V: 0.5 level; A: 0.5 level; cosφ: ± 0.02;
13. High-current phase-shift transistor technology is to pre-adjust 90-degree phase shift to observe I and impact 10% -10% integral I2t;
14.Plc touch screen control, save operation in advance, just input the load model.
15. Voltage and current power law factors use high voltage power detection components;
16. The capacitor is a high-voltage AC motor capacitor, which is reliable and durable.