Wire and cable Short-circuit test device SH5515

Simulate fire hazard test environment, wires and cables on real burning environment, do test for wires and cables on special current short-circuit condition. Test data is used to assess the burning performance of materials at fire hazard.
Wire and cable short-circuit test device

technical parameter:

1. Current display: 0-600A;

2. Voltage: 90-450V AC.

3. The burner adopts premixed Bunsen lamp which meets the requirements of GB5169 and relevant IEC standards.

4. Short circuit before fire: the circuit current is controlled by a movable fixture, and the movable fixture is operated to and fro at a linear speed of 1m/s~3m/s.Move. The test terminates when the current is disconnected. (This test does not involve flame heating)

5. Overcurrent: Circuit current is always connected, moving fixture does not move, and recording the application time; When there is no current in the wire, timing The device stops timing and records the current time; the test terminates. This test does not involve flame heating.

6. Short circuit after fire: the circuit current is controlled by the internal control circuit, and the movable fixture does not move; the current connection time is 0.1~0.1 99 m99s, the disconnection time is 0.1-99 m99s; at the same time, flame is applied to the conductor, and the time when the flame is applied is recorded, that is, the electricity is turned on.Time: When the circuit breaks, the flame is removed and the test is terminated. (This test is done by adding a Pre-Flame to the conductor.Heat, heating time can be set by itself, then the wire contacts short circuit again.