Wire and cable general tensile tester SH9314

The device is suitable for wire and cable testing center, testing station or wire and cable manufacturer as well as polymer material research and development organization.
 Wires and Cables General Tensile Materials Stength Test/Testing Machine

Technical Parameters:

1. Power supply: AC220V, 50Hz.

2. Large stretch length: 280mm.

3. Stretching speed: about 25mm / min.

4. Tensile force value: 0.1 ~ 500N.

5. Controller size: 340 * 390x 110mm. Stretcher size:490x 265x 240mm.

6, chuck type: non-self-tightening (can be customized self-tightening).

7. Number of stations: one station.

8, displacement accuracy: digital display soil 1mm.

9.Speed accuracy: Digital display soil 1mm / min.

10. Pulling accuracy: digital display 3% + 5 characters.

11, sample specifications: standard dumbbell tablets.