Fire Detector Tester SH5602

Item No.: SH5602
The Sunho Fire Detector Tester is designed and manufactured based on ISO 7240-5 and ISO 7240-7 standards.
Sunho Fire Detector Tester

The Sunho Fire Detector Tester controls the on-off of the gas solenoid valve through the photosensitive assembly. It consists of methane combustion furnace, 2-meters sophisticated optical axis orbit (optional), light source modulation system and shutter device(ordinary/computer version).

Methane Comubstion Furnace:

1. Flame height adjustment range: 1~5cm.
2. The horizontal distance between the flame and the sample holder is 1500㎜. Rate of change of the radiant intensity: ≤5%
3. The air supply would be automatically cut off once the flame combustion stops.
4. The air supply is CH4 with gas purity ≥99.9%.(customer prepared)
Light Modulation System:
1. Neutral UV filter. The UV radiation with wavelength between 200~300nm can pass through the UV filter.
2. Modulator(velocity-adjustable): consists of a chopper and a DC motor. The motor-driven chopper rotates at a certain angular-velocity, modulating the radiation produced by the flame.

3. Chopping frequency: 5~15Hz
4. Radius of the chopper: 70㎜
5. Equipped with baffle plate and electric control system.


Sophisticated Optical Axis Orbit:

1. Adopting sliding bearings and an optical axis orbit with sizes of 2000㎜×400㎜×700㎜(length×width×height). 
2. Aluminium alloy sample holder(height-adjustable and rotatable about Z axis). The distance from the combustion furnace to the sample is manually-adjustable.