Wire and cable wearproof tester SH9307

The wire and cable abrasion tester tested by Guangzhou Xinhe is designed according to the requirements of abrasion test in GB5013.1 and GB5013.2. Mainly used for abrasion test on rubber insulated cables with rated voltage of 450 / 750V and below.
 Wires and Cables Wearproof Test/Testing Machine
Technical Parameters:

1. Power supply: AC220V, 50Hz.

2. Sample range: SH9307A010mm rubber insulated cable,SH9307B φ10mm rubber insulated cable.

3. Fixed shaft diameter: φ40 + 0.3mm.

4. Test rate: 40 ± 1r / m one way.

5. Test stroke: 0.1m.

6. Stations: 3.

7, weight: 500 + 5g three.

8. Counter: 0 ~ 99999 times can be set