Wire and cable beating tester SH5512

Peening wire and cable tester is designed according to the standard of BS6387: This test equipment used to test the wire and cable under the overheating and the over-flow and other unnormal conditions, the flame retardancy function of the insuler.
Wire and cable beating tester
technical parameter:

1. Round steel bars with a hammer rod 25+5% in length of 600+5%.

2. The hammer bar is hammered at an angle of 60 degrees.

3. The heat-resistant composite plate is used as a hammering test-bed with a size of 900 *300 *9mm and a weight of about 10kg +2kg.

4. Installed on a metal rack with rubber cushion, 25 x 25 m m square pipe about 1 m long.

5. The test temperature is 650-950 C and the diameter of thermocouple is 1.5mm.

6. Time timer: 0-999s, which is used as the time of hammer every 30 +2s.

7. Burner: A belt type propane gas nozzle with Venturi mixer. The nozzle length is 400 mm. There are three rows of staggered holes on the nozzle. When the hole diameter is 1.32 mm and the hole spacing is 3.2 mm, the test sample should work under rated voltage and specified current, and an indicator lamp is attached to reflect the test status.