Wire and cable fire resistance tester SH5509C

The shell of the test chamber and the important components are all manufactured by stainless steel, resistant cigarettes and gas corrosion; The automatic degree of control system is high, has automatic ignition function, temperature and time figures show,


Fire resistance test:

1. Use propane gas or liquefied petroleum gas as the source of the test flame (customer deployment).

2. Burner English The propane gas nozzle with a venturi mixer is 500 mm long and 15 mm wide. The nozzle has three rows of alternating holes. The hole diameter was 1.32 mm and the hole spacing was 3.2 mm.

3. The nozzle is at least 200 mm from the bottom of the box and at least 300 mm from any box wall. (Combustion chamber with other equipment)

4. The inner diameter of the metal ring is approximately 150 mm.

5. Using dual flow meters and pressure regulators, the range of air flow meters is 0.5-5 cubic meters per hour, and the range of gas flow is 0.1-1 cubic meters per hour.
6. Using a temperature measuring device (K-type thermocouple), after burning for 10 minutes (750 + 50 C, -0 C), the temperature difference between the two thermocouples exceeds 40C.

7. Automatically control the test process

8. With intelligent detection function, when the sample is short-circuited during the test, it will automatically alarm and turn off the ignition source.
9. Provide 5 metal rings with an inner diameter of about 150 mm as required by the standard. The distance of the metal rings can be freely adjusted, which is convenient for the sample to be fixed.

10. Stainless steel test stand, bearing 30kg.

11. No combustion chamber (combustion chamber needs 27 cubic meters), the air compressor is provided by the customer (3HP).

12. In order to facilitate the operation, when calibrating the temperature, the sample at a fixed position deviates from the fire source. After calibrating the ignition source, manually move the sample to the ignition source position.

13. The touch screen display automatically detects the temperature of the two thermocouples, displays the temperature curve through the touch screen, and exceeds the standard set temperature upper and lower limits, and prompts an alarm (the display curve time range is 15 minutes, and the digital display does not have this function)
Technical Parameters:

1. Test voltage is adjustable from 0 to 600V.

2. Current range: 0.1-3A, test current can be adjusted according to standard requirements, but greater than 3A, protected;

3. The load capacity should ensure that the test current is close to 3A and the test sample can continue the test.

4. The circuit has appropriate protective devices to ensure that in the process of burning or cable damage, there will be no electric shock or equipment failure due to electric shock.

5. During the combustion process, during the integrity test of the cable circuit to be tested, a fuse must be connected in series to protect each circuit (three phases) and the step-up transformer in the neutral point. When the fuse is damaged, an indicator must be provided to indicate the phase of the fuse or ground.