Wire and cable burning testing equipment SH5504/Q

Item No.: SH5504/Q
The wire and cable combustion tester is tested in accordance with Article 5.9 of the QC730-2005 standard.
Wires and Cables Burning Test/Testing Equipment

Technical Parameters:

1. The gas source of the test flame is coal gas or petroleum liquefied gas (if conditions permit, it is recommended to choose a gas with better quality, and the gas should be sourced from a backup).

2.Working power: AC 220V ± 10% / 50Hz.

3. the burner is a standard Bunsen burner, the inner diameter is C9.5 5 ± 0.5mm, about 100mm long.

4. The flame height is easy to adjust. It can be adjusted from 35mm to 120mm according to standard requirements.

5.Auto ignition

6. flame application time and holding time can be adjusted within the range of 0 to 99 minutes and 99 seconds.

7.the test process automatically stops the application of flame, automatically starts the burner timing, manually stops the burner timing.

8. The sample holder can place the sample at 45 °.

9. With flow meter and pressure regulation.

10.Box test chamber volume: 0.5m3 (S304 stainless steel)

11.without temperature measuring device