Trigger impulse tester

Item No.: SH3329F
The equipment is designed according to IEC 61347-2-1 Article 16 and the requirements of Figure 1
The equipment is designed according to IEC 61347-2-1 Article 16 and the requirements of Figure 1
Technical parameters.
  1. Capacitance accuracy: ±5%
  2. Resistance accuracy: ±1%
  3. With 20pF high voltage load capacitor
  4. Circuits with series diodes, which are connected in anti-parallel, produce a voltage drop of 10V to 15 V for the same number of series diodes.
  5.  Components:
  6. High voltage diodes
  7. Intermittent voltage: URM ≥ 25 kV
  8. Rated current (average value): IFAVM≥1.5 mA
  9. Cycle current (peak): IFRM≥0.1 A
  10. Anode/Cathode Capacitance :
  11. Ca/k ≤ 2 pF.
  12. Note: For example, the applicable part is a GY501 high-voltage rectifier for color TV sets.
  13.  High voltage capacitors
  14. Capacitance:C= 500 pF
  15. Rated voltage: U≥6.3 kV
  16. Phase angle (at 10 kHz);  High pressure measuring instruments
  17. Electrostatic voltmeter: 0 kV to 6 kV
  18. Capacitance at maximum deflection:<15 pF
  19. Breakdown voltage:>10kV4.Discharge resistance:1MΩ
  20. The leakage resistance between A and B and between C and D shall be not less than 10^13 Ω.
  21. With a 10kV high voltage probe, an internal resistance of less than 15pf