Textile vertical flame tester SH5803A

The test box and main mechanical parts are

made of S304 stainless steel, with exquisite shapes

and resistance to smoke corrosion. The control system

has a high degree of automation. The key components

are imported, the digital display time
 Textile vertical flame tester

Technical Parameters:

1. Power supply: AC220V ± 10% / 50Hz.

2. The inner diameter of the tube of the igniter is 11mm, and the tube head is 25 ° with the vertical line.

3. Ignitor timing: 0 ~ 99min 99s can be set arbitrarily; afterburning time and flame retardant timer: 0 ~ 99min 99s, accuracy: ± 0.1s.

4. Flame height measuring device: the height of the scale is 40mm ± 2mm.

5. The inlet gas pressure is 17.2 ± 1.7kPa.

6. Gas used: propane or butane or petroleum liquefied gas.

7. Sample size: 300mm × 80mm.

8. Heavy hammer weight: selecte according to the variety and quality of the test product. (Optional combustible gas leakage alarm device)