Temperature test chamber for temperature-sensitive fire alarms

Item No.: SH5604A
To test the response time threshold of the fire detector. The main tests are time response tests tests, etc.
  1. Test items
To test the response time threshold of the fire detector. The main tests are time response tests, etc.
2. Standards
ISO 7240-7; ISO 7240-10
3. Technical Parameters
1. power supply: AC380V 50Hz, power about: 90KW (heating) + 2KW (cooling)
2. size: approx. 3200*800*1700 (floor standing).
3. test wind speed: 0.8m/s±10﹪(25℃).
4. test temperature: room temperature ~180°C ± 2°C adjustable.
5. temperature rise rate: 0.2-30℃/min (can be set), to meet the requirements of fixed temperature test and differential temperature test.
6. Time parameter: 0 to 99 minutes and 99 seconds ± 0.1 seconds
7. Rotation angle: 0-360°
8. Mount board: The board shall be (5 ± 1) mm thick and
of such dimensions that the edge(s) of the board is at least 20 mm from any part of the detector.
 Structural plan:
1The equipment is mainly composed of the temperature box part, control part, and temperature regulation system.
2The temperature box body will use an A3 board anti-static spray paint treatment, with a heat insulation sheet;
3Heating system adopts a two-stage heating adjustment scheme, and PID temperature control method to achieve continuous adjustment of the temperature rise rate. The first stage controls the influence of ambient temperature changes on the incoming air, and the second stage is preset and adjusted according to different heating rates.
4Air speed adjustment control: with frequency conversion speed regulation.
5With inflow and steady flow device to ensure uniform airflow and temperature.
6Test control: intelligent control system, the test process displays the curve of the corresponding test items.
7Automatic rotation system for test products.
8, software test system: the system of the test process of air temperature, wind speed, voltage changes, and other results, data stored in the system's database. The system can be queried, displayed, or printed out to query wq the data and curves.