Street light static wind test device SH3340

Item No.: SH3340
Guangzhou Sunho testing emergency light performance comprehensive test bench is designed according to IEC 598-2-22 requirements. Mainly used to check the performance of fire emergency lights.
Universal Electronic Emergency Lamps Comprehensive Performance Materials Test/Testing Machine
Ⅰ.Charge and discharge test of emergency lights

   1. Measure the charging current and discharging current of the test piece during charging;

   2. Measure the terminal voltage and static discharge current of the battery at the end of the discharge;

   3. Measure the surface temperature of the internal components after the charging circuit is short-circuited for 24 hours.

   4. Sample voltage range: AC20 ~ 220V

   5. Measurement range of overcharge current after 24h: DC 0.20 ~ 200mA, accuracy ± 3% ± 3

   6. Voltage measurement range: DC 0 ~ 12V, accuracy ± (0.3% RD + 0.3% FS);

   7. Static bleeder current: DC 0.1 ~ 300.0µA, accuracy ± 3% ± 3

   8. Charging time setting: It can be set when charging emergency lights;

   9. Charging voltage setting: the highest voltage for charging emergency lights can be set

   10. If the photoelectric sensor detects the next transition after the downward transition, the "reconversion" is disqualified;

II. Charge and discharge endurance test

   1. Program control enables the test sample to complete 10 cycles of "full charge-discharge termination-full charge" automatically and record the first and last discharge time.

Ⅲ.Voltage fluctuation test and conversion voltage test

   1. Test voltage range: AC20V ~ 250V, continuously adjustable, accuracy ± (0.5% RD + 0.3% FS);

   2. Conversion time range: <5 seconds;

   3. Mains-emergency: record the voltage from mains to emergency;

   4. Emergency-main power: record the voltage from emergency to main power;

   5.Judging the upper and lower limit voltage can be set

   6.Automatically display test results

   7. The test sample should be switched to the emergency state within the range of 60 to 85% of the main electrical voltage, and the test will be automatically detected. There will be a prompt when the test product is unqualified.

Ⅳ. Repeated conversion test
   1. Program control. Automatically keep the fire emergency light fixtures from the main power state for 1 min for 50 consecutive times, and then switch to the emergency state for 20s. Automatic detection, which can display the number of times that the test product has failed and alarm prompt;

   2. Time: 0.01S resolution;

   3. Frequency setting: the number of repeated conversions can be set;

   4. Power-on time setting: the time for charging emergency lights can be set;

   5. Power-off time setting: emergency light discharge time can be set;

   6. Emergency time: the response time from mains to emergency;

   7. Qualified times: judge whether the emergency light has moved after one test,

   8. "Pass" if there is a conversion, and "Fail" if there is no conversion;

   9, when the voltage is from 60 to 85%, there should be no repeated conversion, otherwise it is

   10. Judging method: light sensing method and voltage judging method;

Ⅴ. Insulation resistance test

   1. Test voltage (V): Test voltage: DC 500V

   2. * Insulation resistance: 0.5M ~ 500MΩ

   3. Time setting range: 1 ~ 99s

Ⅵ. Voltage test

   1. Output voltage range: AC 0 ~ 1500V, accuracy: ± 3% of reading,

   2. Boost rate: 100 ~ 500V / S,

   3. Current measurement range: 0.5mA ~ 2mA ~ 20mA automatic shift,

   4. Accuracy: ± 5% of reading

   5. Time setting range: 1 ~ 99s

Ⅶ. Ten samples can be tested at one time.

Ⅷ. Computer type, Chinese menu prompt operation.