Multifunctional temperature rise measuring instrument SH9408B

Technical parameters of multi-function temperature rise tester
Technical parameters of multi-function temperature rise tester

      It can be used to check the surface heating of electrical accessories when connected with the load current, whether the temperature rise of the electrode is in accordance with the standard requirements, and effectively detect whether the plug of the plug and socket is too thin, and whether the plug and socket fit well.
This tester is composed of current regulation control part and temperature sampling measurement part.

Technical characteristics:

1.Output current: AC1 ~ 100 A, ±3% accuracy (suggest user should bring along their own regulated power supply)

2.Display precision: 1 A, resolution: 0.1 A

3.Temperature measuring range: 0 ~ 100.0 ℃, accuracy:±1℃

4.Station number:3 road of output current , seven inches below the touch screen + PLC control, Chinese menu

5.Data acquisition time can be set according to the requirements (1-10 min, cannot be changed after setting), the test results can be generated as temperature curve automatically .

6.Measuring point: 3*8 channels (display type:touch screen , automatic switch)

7.Thermocouple type: type K

8.Shows the maximum, minimum and average value of each channel.
The upper and lower limit of temperature appreciation can be set beyond the alarm.

9.Power supply: AC220V±10%, 50Hz

10.Instrument preheating time: about 15 minutes

11.Equipped with USB interface, test data can be exported to Excel document through U disk.