Multifunctional Temperature Rise Tester SH9408B

Sunho Multifunctional Temperature Rise Tester

Technical Parameters:
1. Power Supply: AC220V±10%, 50Hz

2. Output current: AC 1~100A. Accuracy: ±1% full scale.

3. Display accuracy: 1A. Current discriminabiliity: 0.1A

4. Range of temperature measurement: 0.0~100.0℃. Accuracy: ±1℃

5. Workstation: 3-channel output current, 7 inches touch screen+PLC controller

6. Test time: 1~10min(pre-settable). The temperature curve would be automatically generated when the test is due.

7. Thermocouple: K type.

8. The electrical load in 3*8 channels would be measured.

9. The upper and lower limits of the temperature rise is pre-settable. When the temperature rise is beyond or below the range of limits, the alarm system will be triggered.

10. Preheating time: 15 minutes approximately

11. Equipped with USB ports, through which the test data could be transmitted to the computer in Excel format.