AI Glow Wire Tester SH5141A

The glow wire tester conducts fire hazad test on electrical and electronic products, household electric appliances and its relevant materials.
The Artificial Intelligence Glow Wire Tester

Product Overview:
The glow wire tester is designed and manufactured based on the relevant requirements of GB5169.10, IEC60695-2-10, IEC60335-1 standards. It is suitable for fire danger test and flammability test for electrical and electronic products, household electric appliances and its relevant materials. It simulates the the thermal stressed caused by the heating components or the overload resistance under failure or overload condition

Design Features(Latest):
1.The automatic timing system and the artificial intelligence(AI) flame-recognition system is added, so that the flaming time could be automatically counted  from the exact moment the sample flames, which protect the operators from exposing to the health-related pollution when timing and observing. Through its flame-recognition function and automatic timing function, the AI system could automatically analyze the data and provide the test result accurately for the users.

2.The AI system will automatically adjust the voltage and current, which minimize the manual intervention through the whole test process.

3.Optional: Remote Controlling and Fault Diagnosis function: With user's authorization, the working condition of each glow wire tester could be reported through the remote monitoring technology based on wireless network, so that the equipment fault could be diagnosed accurately without any delay.
4.The Tracking Index Tester is designed into two parts, the host and the fume hood. Multiple fire resistance equipments could share a single fume hood simultaneously, making the tester more space-saving and easy-to-clean.

5.The host adopts an upper and lower structure placing the control part below and the test part above, which effectively avoids the electronic components from overheated and prolongs the service life. 

6.The fixture of the tester is targetedly designed based on the test purpose and the clause 7.1 of IEC 60695-2-10(‘
The heat losses due to the supporting or fixing means are insignificant'). The fixture would not contact the test area of the sample directly, degrading the heat losses to a negligible level. The sample could be rotated, translated and whirled according to the size, shape and thickness of the sample, so that the sample would constantly keep a 90°(standard-required) angle with the glow wire.

7. The 7 inches color touch screen adopts a PLC control system, making the overall use more stable and more accessible to newcomers.


Technical Parameters:
1. Power supply: AC220V±10%/50Hz.

2. The glow wire head(annulus, Ni/Cr): Φ4㎜±0.04㎜

3. 1mm 
Nickel chromium sheathed thermocouple(Type K) for temperature measurement. Heat resistance of the sheath: 1100℃(superior to standard)

4. Heating temperature of glow wire: 10℃~1000℃. Temperature error: ≦±5℃

5. Heating power supply: voltage error: ±2%. current error: 
±1%(0~160A adjustable)

6. The glow wire applies 0.95N±0.1N of force onto the test sample. The identation depth: ≤7㎜±0.5㎜.

7. The translation speed of the motor-driven carriage: 10-25㎜/s

8. The time of application(TA) of the glow wire: 0~300s(adjustable, usually set to 30s). Time error: ±0.1s. The carriage would automatically withdrawl following the application time.

9. The allowed time of ignition(TI) and the allowed time of extinction(TE): 0~300s(adjustable). Time error: ±0.1s.

10. Display and control: Large-screen with color touch and PLC controller. All the test data could be displayed and adjusted on the touch screen, making the overall use more accessible to newcomers.

11. Equipped with a steel ruler on the fixture base for flame-height measurement. The minimum unit of measurement is 1㎜.

12. The test process is automatically controlled.(with thermal-shutdown protection)

13. The fume hood: volume: ±0.5m³. Innerwall color: Matte black. Lighting illuminance: ≦20lux. Equipped with independent exhaust fan and explosion-proof lamp.

14. Equipped with one wireless remote control, o
ne pine board, one silk paper, one ordinary K-type thermocouple and one silver platinum sheet.