Fluorescent Lamp life tester SH3302A

Item No.: SH3302A
Fluorescent lamp life tester can realize life test  such as overpressure, long-on, on-off. The test  equipment is mobile and can be stratified according  to the situation. The box is made of S304 stainless steel or high-grade aluminum alloy.
Programmable Automatic Electronic Lab IEC81 Fluorescent Lamp Life Test/Testing Equipment
Technical Parameters:

1. Power supply: AC 220V 10% 50Hz.

2. Test voltage: AC 10 ~ 250V adjustable (can be customized).

3. Test current: 0. 05 ~ 20A adjustable (can be customized).

4. Test station: 30 ~ 150 optional.

5. Test time: 1 ~ 9999h can be set arbitrarily.

6. Switch-on time: 0 ~ 99min99s ~ 99h99s can be set arbitrarily.

7. Stop time: 0 ~ 99min99s ~ 99h99s can be set  arbitrarily.

8. Test times: 0 ~ 99999 times can be set arbitrarily.

9, display and control: touch screen + PLC, Chinese menu.

10. Display the on-off indication of each test sample, record the time when the lamp circuit of each sample fails or does not generate heat (ie, is damaged), and the light displays an alarm.

11. Test data (ie life) of each lamp can be saved.

12, optional: ventilation and heat removal function.