Wire and cable flame resistance tester SH5509E

Item No.: SH5509E
It adopts a one-piece design. Important parts are made of stainless steel, which is resistant to smoke and gas corrosion. The control system has a high degree of automation, with automatic ignition, digital display of temperature and time, convenient obse
Flame retardant testing equipment machine for wires and cables
I. Control cabinet parameters:

1. With dual flow meters and pressure adjustment.

2. The test process is automatically controlled.

3. With intelligent detection function, when the sample is short-circuited during the test, it will automatically alarm and turn off the ignition source.

4. Display: Touch screen, showing temperature curve

5.Time timer: 0 ^ 99 hours 99 minutes 99 seconds

6.Control box size: 650X400X1200 (length X width X height)

7.Load: test voltage is adjustable from 0 to 600V;

8. Load current range: 0.1 ~ 3A, test current can be adjusted according to standard requirements, but protection is greater than 3A;

9, the load capacity should be able to ensure that the test current is close to 3A can still ensure that the test sample continues to test. Can also be applied to spray test and hammer test load  requirements

II.Requirements for fire test equipment

1. The burner has a nozzle with a length of 610mm and a width of 15mm. There are three rows of staggered small holes on the nozzle. The hole radius is 1.32 mm and the pitch is 3.2 mm.

2.The inner diameter of the metal ring is about: 150 mm.

3. With temperature measuring device (K-type thermocouple with diameter less than 2mm, 75mm from flame mouth).

4. Depending on the test level, the flame temperature is adjustable: 600 ~ 1000 ° (A level 650 °, B level 750 °, C, D level 950 °)

5. Provide 5 metal rings with an inner diameter of about 150 mm as required by the standard. The distance of the metal rings can be adjusted freely, which is convenient for the sample to be fixed.

6. Stainless steel sample holder, bearing 30kg

Ⅲ.Three, spray test device

1. Burners using propane or natural gas, and integrated belt burners with a length of 400m.

2. The burning test temperature is 650 ± 40 °. .

3. Use a thermocouple with a diameter not greater than C 2 for temperature measurement.

4. Sprinkler head The water supply pressure is 250 ~ 350Kpa, and the water spray amount to the test sample is about 0.25 ~ 0. 3L / S. M2.

5. The test length of the sample is about 400mm.

6. During the test, the test cable is energized through an isolation transformer, and is connected to a 3A fuse or circuit breaker, and there is an on / off signal indicator for each phase of the cable. .

Ⅳ.Four, thumping test device

1. The tapping cone is a thick round steel rod with a length of C25 and a length of 600.

2. The tapping cone taps at an included angle of 60°.

3. The motor-driven stick hammer performs periodic hammering impact action.

4, hammering cycle (time): 10 ~ 99S (can be set, the standard requires 30 soil 2S / times)

5.Total test time: 0 ~ 999S

6. The heat-resistant composite board is used as a thumping test bench, with a size of 900X300X9mm and a weight of about 10kg ± 2kg. It is installed on a 25x25mm square tube with a length of about 1m.

7. Ribbon burner (same as spray test).

8. Test temperature 6001000 ° (A grade 650 °, B grade 750 °, C, D grade 950 °)

9. The diameter of the temperature measuring thermocouple is less than C 2mm.

10. During the test, a current of 0.25A is passed through each phase of the cable.

* The gas source of the test flame is propane gas or petroleum liquefied gas.