Eletric heating pad roller flexing tester

Item No.: SH9917B
Designed according to Clause 26 of UL964, this testing device is mainly used for testing electric heating pads's roller flexing test.


Technical Parameters

Main technical requirements:

  • Hexagonal drum specifications: 4kg, hexagonal roller length 864mm, hexagonal roller cross-sectional diameter 483mm.
  • The test specimen is placed on a movable frame on a rubber wood board surface. The movable frame is driven by a motor to move back and forth, realizing the rolling test of the test specimen relative to the hexagonal wheel. The hexagonal drum is based on the principle of passive swing, and can maintain the weight of the hexagonal drum on the test specimen and roll independently, with the help of the frictional force with the test specimen and the electric drum power inside the hexagonal drum.
  • Travel range: 200-1000mm, adjustable.
  • An electric drum is installed inside the hexagonal drum to help the hexagonal drum roll and press on the surface of the test specimen. The outer surface of the hexagonal drum is wrapped in solid wood.
  • Drum rotation speed: 0-30 revolutions/min (converted to drum surface linear speed), synchronous setting according to the linear speed of the sample rack;
  • Maximum size of electric blanket: L1000 × W1000mm.
  • Test cycle: can be set from 0 to 999999, displayed directly on the touch screen. The device will automatically stop after the test reaches the set number of cycles.
  • Accidental power failure data saving function.
  • Display + control: large color touch screen + PLC intelligent controller, with Chinese operation interface.
  • Drive mode: electric.
  • Equipped with fault alarm function, and will automatically stop after the set number of cycles.
  • Includes short circuit stop counting function.

Equipment size: approximately 2200 * 1200 * 1400 mm.