Electric heating pad power cord flexing tester [UL 817 UL964]]

Item No.: SH9303A
Overview: In accordance with the UL 817 and UL 964 standard requirements, this machine is suitable for manufacturers and quality inspection departments to test the bending connection parts of plugs and appliance power cords. This machine is designed speci

Test method:
The test material is fixed on the fixture, and a certain load is added. The fixture is swung left and right for a certain number of times.
Technical characteristics:

  1. Test speed: 10-60 times/min adjustable, each back and forth counts as 1 time.
  2. Bending angle: 10°-180° adjustable (left and right 90° each).
  3. Workstation: 6 plug lead wire tests can be performed simultaneously each time.
  4. Bending times: 0-999999 can be preset.
  5. Weight of weights: 6 each of 113g and 284g.