Electric capacity endurance test device SH6601A

Touch screen control and display. Long-term

durability and gap durability can be select through

the screen.
 Artificial Intelligent Prompt Delivery Electrical Capacity Endurance Test/Testing Machine

    Touch screen control and display. Long-term durability and gap durability can be selecte through the screen. The

system can automatically collect and display the test current of each capacitor. The system can automatically control

the step-up and step-down to avoid the influence of power fluctuation on the test results.The system uses an

intelligent PLC controller to monitor the reactance current, capacitor current, and line current in real time. During the

test, the capacity of the capacitor changes or is short- circuited. The system automatically adjusts the matching of

the inductance and capacitance. The operation is simple, the capacity of the capacitor under test, the test voltage

and the test time are input from the controller, and the system can operate normally. The terminal voltage applied to

the capacitor is AC 0~ 1000V continuously adjustable AC sine wave voltage, and the terminal voltage harmonic

content is not greater than the voltage harmonic content of the power supply entering the system. The system

displays open and short circuit capacitors, and has a good overload protection device. When the capacitor fails

during the test, the display shows the time when the failure occurred.

Technical Parameters:

1. Power supply: AC 380V ± 10%, 50Hz.

2. Control power: AC 220V ± 10%.

3. Sample capacity: 5 ~ 100μF.

4. Number of stations: 10 stations; total equipment load (maximum): 500 μF.

5. Test voltage: AC 50 ~ 1000V continuously adjustable, digital display accuracy is 3%;
   Total current: 20A max.

6, current display: reactance current, capacitor current, line current, digital display accuracy of 3%.

7. Display operation mode: touch screen.

8. Test time: 0 ~ 9999.9h can be preset.

9, automatically determine whether the capacitor is abnormal, and record the time of abnormality.

10. The data has power-down protection function; over-current and over-voltage protection.

11. Excluding high temperature box (matching high temperature box with door protection function).