Electric capacity charging/discharge test device SH6602

The capacity charge and discharge test device tested

by Guangzhou Xinhe is designed according to Clause

4.15 of GB / t14472. The capacitor charge and

discharge test device is suitable for the charge and

discharge test of fixed capacitors,
Electric Capacity Charging and Discharging Test Devic
Technical parameters:

1. Power supply: AC 220V ± 10% 50Hz.

2. Output DC voltage: 60 ~ 600V, continuously adjustable, digital display accuracy ± 1.0%.

3. Test station of capacitor charging and discharging test device: 5 positions, synchronous state.

4. Five ways, each charging current: 0-1a.

5. Maximum capacity of each test capacitor: 1uF, max.

6. Discharge rate: 100V / μ s, with an error of ± 15%.

7. Timer (charge and discharge time): 0.1-999.9s, accuracy ± 0.1s.

8. Counter 0 ~ 999999 times, accuracy ± 1 time.

9. For over-current protection and over-voltage protection, the protection value can be set continuously (adjusted in the unit).

10. The capacitor charge discharge test device is equipped with the output interface terminal of the oscilloscope.

11. Equipped with test box with safety switch and observation window with fireproof and heat-resistant glass.

12. Luxury aluminum alloy frame floor structure is adopted.

13. The oscilloscope shall be provided by the user.