Electric blanket distort tester SH9911

Item No.: p25
●Power supply:AC220V,50Hz。
●Twisting speed:10~30 times/min(clockwise and anti clockwise count once)。

Electric blanket torsion tester

Technical Parameters:

● Power supply: AC220V, 50Hz.

● Twisting speed: 10 ~ 30 times / min (counts clockwise and counterclockwise once).

● Test speed: 1 ~ 9999 times can be set, each station can be counted separately, and load sampling Stop counting when the sample is shorted. When the set time is reached, the test stops. The sample load has over-current and leakage protection functions.

● Bending angle: count 45 ° clockwise and counterclockwise
   Weight: 22N, 3.

● Maximum size: 800 × 500mm.

● Station: 1 ~ 3.