Capacitors pyrophoric test bench SH6609

Guangzhou Xinhe test-bed for spontaneous combustion of capacitor is designed according to Clause 4.18 of GB / t14472 to test the spontaneous combustion of capacitor.
Digital Display High Performance Capacitors Pyrophorisity Test Bench

Technical parameters:

1. Power supply: AC 220V ± 10% 50Hz.

2. Output voltage: AC 100-5000V, continuously adjustable, digital display accuracy ± 3%.

3. Test object: 50 μ f / 450V max.

4. Display mode: digital display.

5. Test time: 0-99.99h.

6. Output terminal monitored by oscilloscope.

7. With 16A chronic fuse.

8. Equipped with fire and explosion-proof safety test box (S304 stainless steel), with fire and heat-resistant glass observation window.

9. Aluminum alloy structure

10. Optional: oscilloscope.

11. The test cotton yarn is provided by the user.