Capacitor withstand voltage test device SH6604

It is designed according to the standard requirements of IEC60252, used for the interelectrode withstand voltage and shell withstand voltage test for electric capacitor.
 Interelectrode and Shell Capacitor Withstand Voltage Test Device

Technical parameters:

1. Power supply: AC 220V ± 10% 50Hz.

2. Voltage: AC 100-1750v continuously adjustable, accuracy: ± 3% customized specific parameters).

3. Current: withstand voltage between poles 500ma-33a (voltage AC 50-1kv).

4. Current: 0.5-100ma (ac100-1750v) for shell withstand voltage can be set (specific parameters are customized).

5. Voltage: ± 3%; current: ± 5%.

6. Maximum test capacity: 100 μ f / 500V (customized).

7. Inductance compensation: 100 μ f equivalent (customized).

8. Capacity: 25KVA.

9. Breakdown sound light alarm, high voltage automatic removal.

10. Test time setting: continuous 1-99s, arbitrary setting.

11. Automatic voltage rise and fall speed: 100-200v / min.

12. Touch screen display and operation.

13. Data has power down saving function

14. Equipped with explosion-proof test box.

15. Flashover oscilloscope shows the waveform status (optional).