Capacitor Self-healing test device SH6603

It is designed according to the standard requirements of IEC60252 and IEC384, used for capacitor self-healing test.
Universal Electrical Automatic Capacitor Self-Healing Test Device

Technical parameters:

1. Power supply: AC 380V ± 10% 50Hz.

2. Voltage: AC 500-1750v continuously adjustable, accuracy: ± 3% (specific parameters customized).

3. Maximum test capacitance: 100 μ f (customized).

4. Accuracy: voltage: ± 3%; current: ± 5%.

5. Inductance compensation: 100 μ f equivalent (customized).

6. Capacity: 25KVA.

7. Breakdown sound light alarm, high voltage automatic removal. Continuous test can be set for self-healing capacitor.

8. The number of self-healing breakdown was detected by pulse test.

9. Time setting: continuous or 1-99s arbitrary setting.

10. Voltage rise and fall speed: 100-200v / min. It can be raised from zero to test voltage.

11. Breakdown times: 0-9 times can be set (during self-healing test).