Breaker tripping perforfamce tester SH9463C

Item No.: p30
According to the requirements of standard gb10963.1-2005 9.9, 9.10.1 and 9.10.2, it is applicable to 28-day test, time-current characteristic test and instantaneous trip test of circuit breaker.
Breaker tripping perforfamce tester
   According to the requirements of standards gb10963.1-2005 9.9, 9.10.1, and 9.10.2, it is applicable to the 28-day test, current characteristic test and instantaneous trip test of the circuit breaker.
Technical Parameters:
1. Equipment power: AC 220V 50Hz; instantaneous power of the power is about 25KVA, resistance power is about 20kw.
2. The rated current and trip test current of each test item are set according to standard requirements;
3. Test connection time: 0 ~ 24H (settable); Test cycle time: 0 ~ 24h (settable)
4, test time can be set from 1 to 99 times;
5. Workstation: 1

6, single-phase single-channel load, the load provides rated current 5~63a; trip current 10~320a, voltage ac: 30v
7, 28 days test: Automatically record the temperature before the test and the temperature of the terminal at the last power-on; after the temperature measurement, the trip current is within 5 seconds.
8, cold time: 0~120min
9, hot time: 0~120Min
10, automatic formation time - current characteristics
11, travel time and non-travel time: 0~120Min
12, time accuracy: ± 1s;
13. Automatically determine if the time that should be removed and the time that should not be removed meet the requirements;
14. The oscilloscope displays the instantaneous trip test (user ready)