AI Needle-Flame Tester SH5441A

The SH5441A AI Needle-Flame Tester is designed and manufactured  in accordance with the relevant clauses of IEC60695-11-5. It conducts fire hazard test on electric/electronic products through the needle-flame.
AI Needle-Flame Tester SH5441A

New Functions of Artificial Intelligence

1. AI flame detection and automatic timing function: the AI flame detector would detect the flame ignition and flame extinguish moment and start/stop the timing correspondingly
2. AI sample following function: the sample follower would position the sample accurately through the infrared laser.
3. Combustible gas alarm system: detect the combustible gas concentration in the fume hood(alarm when beyond limit)
4. Temperature calibration function(optional)
5. Remote-monitoring and fault-diagnosis function: with user's authorization, the working condition of the test apparatus could be reported through remote monitoring technology based on wireless network, so that the failure could be diagnosed online.


Technical Parameters

1. Gas source of needle-flame: Butane gas of ≥99.9% concentration is recommended.(due to the export regulations, the gas should be self-prepared by users)
2. Burner's tube: length over 35mm. bore diameter φ0.5mm. external diameter≤φ0.9mm 
3. Test angle: 0°/45°
4. Flame regulation valve: regulate the flame height(height should be 12mm±1mm according to the standard)
5. Equipped with a flame-height measuring gauge.
6. Sample holder: height adjustable
7. Flame temperature measurement: 100.0°C±5.0°C to 700.0°C±3.0°C
8. Application time of the flame: 0~999.9s (preset) 
9. Automatic/Manual record of flame holding time.
10. Display and control: 7 inches touch screnn display+PLC control
11. Automatic/Manual testing mode preselected.
12. Needle-flame ignition: electronic spark ignition
13. Over-current and over-temperature protection system
14. Fume hood: inner wall: antistatic matter black paint, illuminance≤20lux. 
15. Equipped with a remote control
16. Flame confirmation device: a thermocouple and a copper block
17. Thermocouple: sheathed fine wire type K(NiCr) with an outer sheath of φ5mm
18. Accessories: a piece of 10mm thick pine board, a layer of wrapping tissue, a tray and a flame-height measuring gauge