Artificial Intelligence Electrical Load Cabinet SH6341

Item No.: p7
1.Load input power:AC220V/50Hz/30A above;cable diameter above 6mm2,low linear, and voltage fluctuation less than ±5%.
2.Control input power:AC220V/50Hz/5A;

China manufactured UL1054 accessory power load counter testing machine 
      Power supply tester is designed according to the relevant standard requirements of IEC61058 and IEC60669 UL1054 and relevant IEC standards on the electrical annex breaking capacity and match equipment design in the normal operation.It can provide test loads for various types of electrical accessories and can be widely used as test loads for other household appliances.

The device adopts touch screen display, PLC programmable intelligent controller,
English operation menu, friendly man-machine interface. The menu provides 30 sets of fixed mode preset functions. You only need to click the number simply then the current, power and power factor, and the preset parameters can be automatically adjusted through the internal resistance and inductance arrays. In addition, it also provides 10 groups of custom modes to facilitate users to set other experimental parameters by themselves. After setting, the function is the same as that of fixed groups. You only need to click the number then you can call parameters easily .

Automatic intelligent adjustment function: input test parameters according to standard requirements. The device calculates V, L and R values through artificial intelligence, and programmed the hardware of the corresponding parameters for pre-tuning (pre-tuning is not output to the outside). After adjusting the parameters to the target value, the program control output to the external terminal to connect the sample. Using resistance array and inductance array instead of manual adjustment, the humanized and intelligent digital control program made by combining experience of various test modes is more handy when using, which makes the operation more convenient and efficiency, and can effectively avoid the problems such as unskillful operation and secondary training caused by changing operators.

Technical Parameters:
Technical parameters:
Input power: AC220V / 50 Hz load power supply: AC 220 v / 50 Hz
On and off load counter count (on-off times, effectively bringing filtering effective on-off intelligent judgment) l in on-off mode, automatic voltage adjustment (highs voltage change, automatic adjustment function)
Normal load voltage: 50 ~ 280 v adjustable
Current: 1 ~ 20 A adjustable, current resolution 0.1 A
Cos : Power factor under 10A current is 0.3~0.98, power factor above 10A is 0.6~0.98 continuously adjustable
Resolution 0.01 Power factor precision: ± 0.02
Voltage, current and power factors only need to be set, and the system automatically adjusts to the set value.
 Accuracy :± (0.5% reading +0.5% full);
Display: voltage, current, power and power factor displayed on the touch screen
The load is resistive and inductive load;
Working mode of the power load cabinet: discontinuous mode (when capacity is under 90%, it can be long pass test)
Proportion of on-off time: on 30%, off 70%. Internal limit shall not be greater than 50% :  Protection function: leakage, overload, overheating and other protection;
Load output: one way or two ways optional