AI Tracking Index Tester SH5241A

Item No.: SH5241A
The Sunho AI Tracking Index Tester is designed and manufactured based on the relavent requirements of IEC60112 ,GB4207-2017, standards.

Sunho AI Tracking Index Tester


The Sunho AI Tracking Index Tester is applicable to Tracking Test on household electric appliances, electrical/electronic products and their materials. It simulates the leakage on insulator produced among live parts of different polarity or by grounding metals. During the test process, the CTI(comparative tracking index)  of the insulator(in electric field and impurity water under a setting voltage) would be measured and evaluated.

The Updated AI Functions:

1. Stepmotor Controller System controls the droplet volume precisely, allowing an self-operated control free from environmental interference.

2. The AI self-operated system adjusts the voltage and current, minimizing the manual intervention throughout the test process.

3. Optional: Remote Controlling and Fault Diagnosis Function:With user’s authorization, the working condition of each AI Tracking Index Tester could be reported through the remote monitoring system based on wireless network, so that the equipment fault could be diagnosed accurately without any delay.

4. The Tracking Index Tester is designed into two parts, the host and the fume hood. Multiple fire resistance equipments could share a single fume hood simultaneously, making the tester more space-saving and easy-to-clean.

5.The host adopts an upper and lower structure placing the control part below and the test part above, which effectively avoids the electronic components from overheated and prolongs the service life.

 6.The 7 inches color touch screen adopts a PLC control system, making the overall use more stable and more accessible to newcomers.

Technical Parameter:

1.Tester adopts a pair of rectangular platinum electrodes, meeting the dimensional requirements of (5±0.1)㎜×(2±0.1)㎜×(≥12)㎜, the test side of electrode has a bevel angel of (30±2)° at its end.

2.The pair of platinum electrodes form a angel of (60±5)°. Horizontal distance between the poles is (4±0.1)㎜.

3. Platinum electrodes apply (1.0±0.05)N of force onto the sample.

4. Test voltage:100~600V, voltage drops no more than 10% at short current 1.0±0.1A. Hold 2s and cut off the current when leakage current ≥0.5A.

5. Droplet volume is digitally controlled by the stepmotor controller.

6. Droplet size: 44~55 drop/cm³(adjustable),  time interval between each droplet: 30±5s.

7. External diameter of the dropper: 0.9-1.1㎜.

8. With crystal NH4Cl for test solution preparation.

9. Control interface: color touch screen based on PLC system.

10. Wireless remote control: The wireless remote controller could start/stop the test when the fume hood is closed.

11. Electronic balance(self-prepared).

12. Fume hood volume: 0.5m³ Material: spray-paint A3 steel plate  Inwall color: matte black  Lighting illuminance: ≤20lx  Wind speed:2m/s.