Power cord bending tester SH9303A

According to ul-817 standard, Guangzhou Xinhe testing power line bending tester is applicable to the bending connection test of plug and electrical power line by relevant manufacturers and quality inspection departments.
Electrical Appliances Connecting Parts Testing Machine Power Cord Bending Tester

Technical parameters:

1. Test voltage: AC 125 / 250V 50Hz.

2. Each lamp box shall be provided with 10 sets of tungsten filament lamps (seats), each set of which can be paralleled with several tungsten filament lamps at most (according to the requirements of test surge coefficient). Tungsten filament lamp can be provided by users or equipped with basic quantity of equipment.

3. Test rated current: 1 ~ 20A.

4. Surge current coefficient: About 10-18 times according to the requirements of 5.7.9 in ul1054 (according to customer requirements, Increase the capacitance of the equipment as compensation to reach the surge peak value specified in the standard).

5. Optional: oscilloscope.