Multifunctional temperature rise measuring instrument SH9408T

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Technical parameters of multi-function temperature rise tester
Technical parameters of multi-function temperature rise tester

       It is designed, manufactured and developed according to the requirements of GB2099-96, IEC60884-1 and other related standards.
       When connected to the load current, it can be used to evaluate the surface heating conditions of the electrical accessories, whether the temperature electrode meets the standard requirements, whether it can effectively detect whether the bolt and the socket of the socket tend to be thinner, and the plug and the socket are well matched.
      The tester consists of a current regulation control unit and a temperature sampling measurement unit.
Technical characteristics:

1. Output current: AC1~100A (0.5 level)

2. Temperature measurement range: 0~100°C±1°C

3. Measurement points: There are 8 points.

4. Power supply: AC220V±10%, 60Hz

5. Instrument warm-up time: 15 minutes