Membrane switch life testing machine SH9402B

Item No.: p27
Capacitive touch switch life tester
Capacitive touch switch life tester

Switch life tester is designed according to the relevant 
Standard, can be used for push button mini-switch, capacitive touch switch, test series with the SH6341/6341 series load containers, so it can achieve the live power life test of the mini-switch, normal operation and breaking capacity test. 
Technical characteristics
1.Power supply: AC 220V ±10%, 50Hz;
2.The working method: precision motor
3.Presicion pressure sensor, can accuratly read the pressure
4.3 station
5.Test pressur:1-10N, accuracy±6%
6.Test speed:1-300N times/min
7.Travel distance:8mm
8.Control: PLC+touchscreen
9.Simple structure,easy to operate