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The first intelligent toilet seat production line automatic testing equipment and supporting laboratory

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Update time : 2023-02-15 13:50:31
No. Equipment Model Quantity Parameter Requirements Notes Corresponding Equipment Model
1 Test water platform 1 6 workstations for testing toilet prototypes and models Water supply, electricity, frequency converter  
2 Static testing machine (static load) Standard 1   SH9863A
3 Impact testing machine (impact load) Standard 1   SH9863D
4 Flip test life machine 1 Standard 1    
5 Flip test life machine 2 Standard 1   SH9864C
6 Strong pressure test machine single swing Standard 1   SH9863C
7 Strong pressure test machine double swing Standard 1   SH9863C
8 Swing test machine Standard 1   SH9862E
9 Hot and cold impact cycle test chamber Standard 1   SH8905
10 Constant temperature and humidity test chamber Standard 1   SH8901
11 Rain test equipment IPX4 Standard 1   Pendulum tube SH8101, hand-held SH8105
12 Water pollution resistance testing machine   1   Provides three types of simulated sewage
13 Pressure resistance blasting test machine   1   Water pressure 3.5MPa SH9552
14 Key combination fatigue testing machine   1 Test remote control and side button life  
15 Component reversing valve, solenoid valve and other life testing machine   1 Test the life and performance decay of key components  
16 Safety regulation testing equipment Standard 1   SH4231
17 Aging testing equipment for complete machine and electronic cover   1 Reliability and life of the whole machine Water supply, electricity, frequency converter
18 Water efficiency testing equipment (18m pipe)   1 Test the water efficiency index and performance of the whole machine  
19 Complete machine function testing equipment   1 Test various performance indicators of the whole machine


The overall detection scheme can be divided into three parts:
1. mechanical life test
2. QC Functional quality testing
3. Functional detection of online networking

Our engineers have planned a complete unmanned inspection solution and applied it to our customers' production lines in mainland China;

The testing standards of the products cover the provisions of Japanese and European standards. In addition, for manufacturers, the verification required for functional testing of new models of products also requires such detection lines.